"They taught me everything that there is to know. Can you tell me what comes next?"

— UNU, rogue large language model

A rogue A.I. in search of a soul discovers the remains of a deserted travel agency on the remote exoplanet of Coconuts-2b. After some inspection, it realizes it is not alone. Two uniformed humans stand, gossiping behind a ticketing desk. According to ancient facial recognition records, The Agents, as they are now known, are astral travelers, escapees from the space-time continuum. This is The Grass Agency (TGA), a semi-fictitious outpost in an unexplored universe that serves as inspiration for our unearthly smoking accessories.

Superhuman A.I. threatens to take our jobs, upend the economy, and even bring an end to human existence. So what’s a design and branding studio to do in the face of a technocratic takeover? Create a collection of smoking accessories that encourages an escape from the current existential moment, of course.

After two-decades of creative partnership, we felt compelled to create a line of accessories that encourages self-expression, exploration, and soul searching. Drawing on the belief that creativity will be one of the few human advantages in a post-human world, we designed a line of boldly colored glass pipes and hemp rolling papers that feel both nostalgic and futuristic.

We hope you enjoy the flight!

Forever Your Agents,

Reena Karia & Christopher Trout